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Bus Etiquette

Bus Etiquette: Please follow these rules as it makes for a more pleasant trip, these rules are applicable on both public and private transportation.
  • Refrain from having loud conversations; talk softly and quietly. Not just with your friends and fellow passengers, but this also means no loud conversations on your mobile phone. Set your phone onto vibrate if possible. Be considerate of other passengers. Also keep in mind the language you are using while carrying out conversations – no foul or offensive language. Polite social behaviour is perfectly normal, but please remember that your fellow passengers are not your new best friend.
  • No foods and drinks. Do not eat onboard transit. Be considerate of other passengers: do not bring smelly foods aboard a bus as smells intensify in small spaces. There is always the risk of sticky spills, but if you must bring fluids aboard (besides water) please ensure it is inside a resealable lid.
  • If you are listening to music from your earphones, turn down your music as it can be audible to other passengers (not to mention that this cannot be good for your ear drums). In addition, music blaring from big speakers and portable devices is obviously not acceptable.
  • Don’t be rude to your driver, this is the person who will get you safely and efficiently from destination to destination. They are a trained professional with an important job, treat them as such. Say please and thank you, and mention how great an experience you had, if you feel it’s appropriate to do so. A little kindness goes a long way. Drivers are a member of the service industry and as such recognition of good service is never expected, but always appreciated.
  • Be on time, nothing is worse than getting to your bus on time, carefully selecting your seat, eagerly waiting to leave because you’re so excited for your destination and then finding that you have to wait for that one person who’s late. That person starts the entire journey off on the wrong foot for everyone, making a 2-hour drive feel like a 10-hour one. Don’t be that person. Be courteous of your travel companions, and be on time, or better yet, early, for your scheduled departures.
  • Do not litter. Whatever you bring onto public transit also leaves with you as you exit. Bring your trash with you and dispose of it properly into a trash can or recycling bin.


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