Margate Coach has recently announced that they will launch a new route from Margate to Durban Airport (King Shaka International Airport) departing from Margate at 3AM. After Margate Coach started rebranding their vehicles they sparked the urge to try something new and that new turned out to be a 3AM service to assist the British...
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Happy New Year!   We would like to look back at 2018 as the year of learning and collaborating, firstly we would like to thank each and every passenger that traveled in 2018. Secondly we would like to thank every agent that has assisted us during the year 2018, without our agents selling tickets for...
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We launched a new live chat feature on our website Thursday 22 November 2018 and have been testing the feature since. We have seen a huge increase in engagement with the feature and it will become a full on feature in the future. What are we able to assist you with via the live chat?...
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Hello Holidays! Yes it is that time of the year again! We are at the part where some of us are allowed time off to relax and enjoy the holidays. Lets get some of the important things out of the way. From Saturday the 15th of December 2018 to Monday the 7th of January 2019...
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black friday
Yes it is the annual Black Friday sale happening this week! For some of us it means discounted goods and for others an extremely busy day. We will be having a sale of 10% off on all of our routes, keep a lookout on our social medias for flight specials that may pop up as...
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checklist article image
Picture this! You have your holiday all booked and packed for, when you reach the airport and you realize that you have forgot your passport! Some of the most important things to remember when traveling! Travel documents: One of if not the most important thing to remember when traveling are your travel documents! From your...
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4 Destinations Header
4 Destinations To Visit On The South Coast We cover a lot of road during our trips to and from Durban, we cant plan your destination for you, but we sure can help you narrow down what we think are the best destinations for you! 1. Wild Coast Sun Situated on the Wild Coast, the...
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Home Page
We decided that it is time for a new look for our website and we are very excited to reveal it to you! There are a lot more features that are available when it comes to planning and enquiring about our services. Some of the features that you may look forward to: We made the...
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90 Minutes
We ask passengers to give themselves a 90 minute leeway when traveling as a precautionary measure for any sort of delays, whether this be traffic, a stop and go and even a flat tyre. These days it is very common to run into one of these issues when traveling on a public road and can...
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Bus Etiquette
Bus Etiquette: Please follow these rules as it makes for a more pleasant trip, these rules are applicable on both public and private transportation. Refrain from having loud conversations; talk softly and quietly. Not just with your friends and fellow passengers, but this also means no loud conversations on your mobile phone. Set your phone...
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These articles vary from news to announcements and happenings within Margate Mini Coach.

We look back at 2018
2nd Jan 2019
Live Chat | What Can We Help You With
6th Dec 2018
Happy Holidays!
29th Nov 2018
black friday
10% Off On Black Friday (23 November 2018)
21st Nov 2018

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